Prepaid Distributor/reseller Solutions/Portals for Mobile Top up/white label/api top up solutions for prepaid business

Web-top-up is an easy and quick prepaid solution for distributors and resellers to start international prepaid airtime top-up services. By using these portals (made for distributors or resellers) any prepaid mobile phone abroad can be topped up to generate additional revenue. Target groups would be any kind of migrants, having a need to top up its own prepaid services abroad respectively the ones of its family members in corresponding home countries.


No need to download any software or configure corresponding payment hardware. Only a web browser and a working internet connection is necessary to use Web Top Up services. It does not require any special knowledge, is free of charge and can be set up within hours. Furthermore, integration of Web Top Up services into distributors/resellers portals can be offered via RESTful API (white label/API top up solution).   


For the time being, in most countries, Mobile Top Up Services are offered (to send credit or Voice/Data/SMS Bundles to another international mobile phone number). In some countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines etc. the distributor/reseller solution includes as well Top Up Services, like prepaid Electricity, Gift Vouchers, Insurance, Landline, TV etc.
In the future more of the below shown services are planned to be realized. The distributor/reseller portal is in continuous development to optimize handling, product variety and market relevance. E-SIM tariff provisioning is in progress. There is big market potential and this way new distributor and reseller solutions can be established. We would be happy working with you on this interesting prepaid business opportunity.
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