Dear Resellers, we are introducing a new Wi-Fi SIM Cloud Device to improve and simplify internet access when travelling worldwide. Using this device offers your customers the following advantages compared to utilizing normal prepaid roaming SIM cards:


Advantages of using Cloud SIM Devices for Consumers:


1.      No need to spend time looking for required country SIM cards/tariffs etc. before travelling


2.      Compared to roaming SIM cards the device offers better country coverage and speed


3.      Easy usage and free definable dates and countries for immediate use/ad hoc networks


4.      No extra SIM card administration e.g. registration, top up, tariff booking etc. needed


5.      It is available in 135 countries and offers LTE speed (3G+ where LTE is not available)


6.      The device offers a separate SIM card slot to insert own SIM cards, if desired


7.      The desired service will be booked online for dialy usage of 512/1024 MB


8.      The device supplies reliable & fast Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 12 hours


9.      Groups of up to five people can share one device with booked service


10.    There is no need to keep a prepaid SIM card alive or buy a new one


Please contact me if you are interested to talk about your advantages when selling or renting Cloud SIM Devices to your customers.  E-Mail:, Skype: voip2me_uyak, WhatsApp: +491632509313


Design SIM Cloud Device:

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User manual SIM Cloud Device:

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Roaming Countries SIM Cloud Device:

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