The business voice call portal is a free of charge, easy to manage, white label platform for VoIP (SIP) and PSTN voice services. It includes premium global voice rates, which can be used for own calls or for selling to other businesses at own created rates (very easy to set up).
The business voice call portal offers SIP based accounts and a PSTN call through, calling card service for dedicated countries. The SIP accounts can be used with any IP-PBX, IP-GSM Gateway, SIP based soft client i.e. to be installed on any PC or mobile phone.
Corresponding soft/mobile clients for any operating system like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile can be offered. DID numbers for more than 65 countries can be supplied to link to the business voice call portal. This way customized call through services can be established with any registered telephone number.


We can set up a free SIP account with a few EUR for you to test our business voice call portal and get first experiences with it. Please contact us for current rates.