4G LTE Access technology, No Fixed Internet Line, Fantastic Speeds, Many areas of application, Cloud Managed Devices, Value Added Sales Strategy

4G LTE access technology like you've never used before


It uses 4G LTE hardware and connectivity to deliver incredible broadband speeds. The Technology can connect to 4G LTE data in places where your mobile phone doesn't even know 4G LTE is there. You can't see it but the solution can. Combine it with our secure managed WiFi with enterprise grade features and you get awesome broadband speeds whilst keeping your privacy safe. It can even be combined with other types of connection to act as failover or to boost your speed exactly when you need it. Add a SIM carrier independent static IP and take your connectivity to the next level.

  • No Fixed Internet Line Required: Works nearly anywhere, even in underserved cellular areas.
  • Fantastic Speeds for Up and Download: 30-90 Mbps, comparable to fibre broadband.
  • Many areas of application: Mobile Agents, ATM´s, Branches, IoT, Kiosks, Outlets, Vehicles.
  • Cloud Managed SIM Devices: Saves you time, hassle and can be managed remotely.
  • Value Added Sales Strategy: Besides hardware sales and license fees, post-paid SIM card contracts can be sold.
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