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E-SIM Management Platform for the Reseller:

  1. The reseller makes prepayment to get related platform credit.
  2. The platform operator creates an E-SIM platform account for the reseller.
  3. The platform operator provides all available E-SIM data bundles for the resellers account.
  4. The reseller charges its end user for required E-SIM data bundle.
  5. The reseller will use its credit to create any E-SIM plan for the end user.
  6. The system will deduct the corresponding amount automatically from the resellers prepaid credit.
  7. The reseller will use the platform to send end users an e-mail with the QR/confirmation code included.
  8. The end user will scan/enter the received QR/confirmation code and install the E-SIM data plan according to instructions.

E-SIM Management for the User:

  1. The end user orders a selected data plan at the reseller´s online portal.
  2. The reseller will e-mail a QR and order/confirmation code to the end user.
  3. The end user goes to its device´s mobile settings to add the data plan.
  4. The end user scan´s the QR code and enters the order/confirmation code.
  5. The end user will see a little pop up "Certified Cellular Plan" and clicks ok.
  6. By default the end users E-SIM plan will be named as "Secondary SIM".
  7. The E-SIM plan will be automatically activated when network connectivity is established.

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