Customized Mobile Network Services, portals, Multi IMSI SIM cards

We can offer customized mobile network services and corresponding administration portals for any kind of Data, SMS, Voice projects. Test SIM cards are available and subsequent projects can be started with small initial investment to gain first experiences and reduce financial risk. If projects and order quantity increases clients can act like a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and sell communication services under its own brand name. 


The SIM cards we offer are Multi IMSI SIM cards. It means they work like usual home SIM´s but can connect to several operators in each country. This allows a reliable connection abroad. Furthermore, required services can be adjusted exactly to customer needs to control e.g. country usage and reduce overall roaming fees. API´s are available for different solutions like SMS gateways. Suitable target groups for customized services would be:

  • Frequent business/private travellers with specific country, Data, SMS, Voice usage requirements
  • Event/tour operators & agencies having a need for customer specific Data, SMS, Voice applications   
  • Companies active in the IoT/M2M sector, having a need to send/receive any kind of Data, SMS &Voice

Some EU Data country rates are available at EUR 0,004/MB, EU SMS outgoing rates at EUR 0,008/SMS


For additional information please contact me: E-Mail:, Skype: voip2me_uyak,

WhatsApp: +491632509313