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Wi-Fi Cloud SIM Devices are used to improve and simplify internet access when travelling worldwide. Using this device offers customers the following advantages compared to utilizing local prepaid or postpaid roaming SIM cards:


 Advantages of using Cloud SIM Devices for Consumers:


1.     Compared to average roaming SIM cards the device offers better rates, country coverage and speed


2.      No need to spend time looking for required country SIM cards/tariffs etc. before travelling


3.      Easy to use and free definable dates and countries for immediate use and ad hoc networks


4.      It is available in 135+ countries and offers 4G LTE speed (3G+ where LTE is not available)


5.      No extra SIM card administration e.g. registration, top up, tariff booking etc. needed


6.      The device offers a separate SIM card slot to insert own SIM cards, if desired


7.      The needed service will be booked online for daily usage of 512/1024 MB


8.      The device supplies reliable & fast Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 12 hours


9.      No contract or need to keep a prepaid SIM card alive or buy a new one


10.     Groups of up to five people can share one device with booked service

Design Cloud SIM Device:

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User manual Cloud SIM Device:

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Roaming Countries Cloud SIM Device:

Cloud SIM Roaming Countries.pdf
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ROI Renting Cloud SIM Device:

Cloud SIM Device ROI calculations for r
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