api top up solutions,e-sim reseller solution,e-sim distributor solution, prepaid and postpaid EU SIM cards, cloud sim devices ,VoIP solutions

SIM-Serv is active in the telecom sector since 1998. It was founded to avoid expensive mobile Data, SMS & Voice charges when travelling worldwide. Today we offer customized web top up services ( including API top up solutions, E-SIM reseller solution, E-SIM  distributor solution), prepaid and postpaid EU SIM cards (including cloud SIM devices), special LTE+ hardware connectivity products and VoIP solutions.


By using our products and services customers and its family and friends are always and everywhere connected. Our services can be used worldwide with any internet browser or SIM card enabled device like Notebook, MiFi, Router, Smartphone, Tablet, Switch etc.


In summary, SIM-Serv provides cost effective and good quality, prepaid products and services for resellers and emmigrants, providing services to overseas customers, family and friends.